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International Exchanges

At 十大彩票平台, international travel is considered a necessary step towards a true global perspective.

"Global” is an adjective of choice when it comes to describing the world we live in. With technology connecting us all and facilitating international communication and collaboration, borders are not so quite visible anymore. This is when traveling abroad proves itself essential to grasping the even bigger picture: not only does it reinforce the initial virtual connection, it actually releases its true potential by bringing it to life.

Suddenly, the foreign language our girls have been learning on deep, cultural subtleties that the experience in the classroom just could not provide. Our students not only are they brushing up on their linguistic skills, they are also diving into a whole new world of people, traditions and customs.

They discover they are in the midst of immersing themselves in someone else’s life, which in turn causes them to question their own. The result is an enlightened vision of origins and an expanded knowledge of the world around them.

For colleges and employers, evidence of international travel attests to our girls ability to adapt to the unfamiliar and unknown. It shows student interest in and respect for differences as well as a willingness to keep an open mind. Undoubtedly, the experience abroad will open a world of professional opportunities in the long run, nationally and internationally.

Each year we offer opportunities for students to visit French- and Spanish-speaking countries. In the 2019-2020 year, we will be visiting Quebec City, Quebec and Arroyito, Argentina. 十大彩票平台 also participates in exchange programs with other schools from the cities of Le Havre and Lille in France and St. Catharine's School in Melbourne, Australia.

Isabelle Fisher
Foreign Languages Department Chair
Coordinator of International Exchanges
French Club Advisor

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